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Use method and precautions of chain and chain rigging

1. Before use, the working load and applicable scope of the chain rigging shall be clearly seen on the label. Overload use is strictly prohibited, and visual inspection of the chain rigging shall be carried out before use.

2. In normal operation, the hoisting Angle is the key affecting the load. The included Angle of the shadow part in the figure should not exceed 120 degrees at most, otherwise it will cause local overload of the chain rigging.

3. It is forbidden to use informal link between the chains. It is forbidden to hang the load-bearing chain rigging directly on the member of the crane hook or to be wound on the hook.

4. Add padding at edges and corners when the chain rigging surrounds the suspended object to prevent damage to the ring chain and the suspended object.

5. The normal operating temperature range of the chain is -40℃-200℃. No twisting, twisting, knotting between links, and the movement of adjacent links should be flexible.

6. The lifting object should be balanced slowly during lifting, dropping and stopping to avoid impact load, and the heavy object should not be hung on the chain for a long time.

7. If the spreader has no suitable hook, lug, ring bolt and other connecting parts, the strapping method can be used for both single-limb and multi-limb chain rigging.

8, the chain rigging should be handled gently, do not beat, throw and drag on the ground, so as to avoid deformation, surface and internal damage of the chain.

9. The storage place of chain rigging shall be ventilated, dry and free from corrosive gases.

10. Do not attempt to force the weight out of the chain harness or allow the weight to roll over the chain.

Post time: Sep-15-2020
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