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The rigging joint is the factor affecting the performance of the sling

The rigging is divided into wire rope rigging, sling lasso and chain lasso. The structure and size of wire rope fittings have been standardized. Generally, there are single-leg lasso fittings, double-leg lasso fittings, three-leg lasso fittings and four-leg lasso fittings. It can also be said to be a single wire rope and the same nominal size of the single rope composed of multiple wire rope assembly rigging.


At present, there are mainly three forms: inserting joint, pressing joint and casting joint. The traditional rigging manufacturing methods mainly include casting and welding. There are many methods of welding, such as friction stir welding, brazing, manual arc welding, electron beam welding, etc. In addition, there are other ways to make rigging joints, such as metal bonding and splicing forging and welding.

The main type of failure is fatigue failure. The part prone to fatigue failure is the jacket of the cable joint, which is prone to fatigue crack on the outside and inside, and fracture after crack propagation. The tongue, in particular, is sensitive to stress due to stress concentration and its bearing area is small, so it is prone to fatigue failure.

Post time: Jul-10-2020
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