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Requirements for sling construction site

1. The construction site shall be equipped with enough spare slings of various sizes, which shall be hung at the specified place and put back to its original place after use.


2. Safety working load should be marked on the lute head of the sling, and the insertion rope sleeve should not be used.


3. Make a rope sleeve with a rope clip. The size of the rope clip must be in accordance with the size of the wire rope.


4. All spallers (including lifting rope, lifting lugs and shackles above 30 tons) used in the construction site shall be inspected by a third party at least once a year and marked.


5. Shackles above 10 tons shall be inspected once every 4 years.


6. The special sling on the construction site should be checked and maintained at least once a month.


7. In peacetime, special personnel shall organize maintenance and inspection of the lifting basket for people, load basket, wire rope cover, container and net falling and other lifting tools used in the construction site.


8. For the manned hanging basket, it is only allowed to be used for lifting people and carry-on luggage. The tail rope of no less than 2 meters should be attached to the basket.


9. All slings should avoid being soaked by sea water. If the slings are soaked by sea water, wash them with fresh water and maintain them with oil if necessary.


10. Steel wire ropes, shackles and container cranes used for loading and unloading deck cargo shall be inspected strictly before use.

Post time: Sep-01-2020
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