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Notes for lifting large workpiece with rigging

For the hoisting of large workpiece, the factors such as large tonnage, complex shape, high value and multi-person cooperation further enhance the operation difficulty and risk factors. Therefore, when lifting large workpiece with rigging, the following points should be mastered:

1. Observe the shape of the workpiece before the operation, grasp the center of gravity position of the workpiece, and determine the weight of the workpiece according to the drawing. Proper selection of rope, shackle, hook and other rigging equipment. When choosing the wire rope, the bearing tension of single wire rope can be calculated correctly.

2. There are lifting rings or lugs specially designed for lifting the workpiece itself, which should be carefully checked before operation. Cables should be added to all lifting rings.

3. If the workpiece itself has no lifting ring, the position of the cable point should be correctly selected. And make the crane hook to the workpiece center of gravity position.

4. Note that the Angle between the rigging should usually be less than 90 degrees.

5. Test hoisting shall be carried out before hoisting, and the next procedure shall be carried out after confirmation.


Post time: Jun-24-2020
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