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How to choose the right sling according to the purpose

Steel wire rope is made of high strength steel wire, it has the advantages of light weight, high strength, wear resistance, large elasticity, long life, stable operation under high speed, no noise, safety and reliability, etc. It is the most commonly used sling in lifting and reloading lifting operation. We can choose suitable wire rope sling according to the purpose:




Ordinary lifting, variable length winding rope should be preferred to choose 6 strands of wire contact winding rope.


(2) the crane with tension rope, traction rope should be selected shun winding rope.


(3) cable crane or aerial ropeway with the support of the rope should choose a single rope.


When working in a corrosive environment, galvanization should be used.


Need to have acid resistance requirements, should choose galvanized.


6 working in a high temperature environment of the crane should be selected to have extra toughness asbestos core steel rope or steel core.


Elevator rope should be used 8, toughness for the special class.


Today, the lifting rate of 1/1 port crane or tower crane should be selected 18 not to turn.


9 electric hoist lifting rope more choose point of contact per share of 37 silk.


Attending becket choose ductile lower level Ⅱ more rope.




You can choose the right sling according to your own needs


Post time: May-15-2020
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