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Linyi tonitrui Ballon CO. Condita est in MCMXCVIII, urbe sita est in Linyi, Shandong provinciae. Nostra enim propria linea menta officinas ferramentis amet iuga longa damus sicut filum funem cohibentes, vincula Turnbuckles, uncinos aureos thimbles, manicas et in variis on.Focus progressionis respectu boni delectati vincula, cum officinas, officinas glandes fundis et Vlixem astu, trochleam obstructionum officinas, officinas onus dolatos et immaculata ferro fabrica products curare, ad diversas necessitates optima species et competitive pretium et ad nostrum clients.


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Use method and precautions of chain and chain rigging
Requirements for sling construction site
  • Use method and precautions of chain and c...
    1. Before use, the working load and applicable scope of the chain rigging shall be clearly seen on the label. Overload use is strictly prohibited, and visual inspection of the chain rigging shall be carried out before use. 2. In normal operation, the hoisting Angle is the key affecting the load. The included Angle of the shadow part in the figure should not exceed 120 degrees at most, otherwise it will cause local overload of the chain rigging. 3. It is forbidden to use informal link between ...
  • Requirements for sling construction site
    1. The construction site shall be equipped with enough spare slings of various sizes, which shall be hung at the specified place and put back to its original place after use.   2. Safety working load should be marked on the lute head of the sling, and the insertion rope sleeve should not be used.   3. Make a rope sleeve with a rope clip. The size of the rope clip must be in accordance with the size of the wire rope.   4. All spallers (including lifting rope, lifting lugs and sh...
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